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Quick and easy tabulation. Using Easy Survey, quickly generate standard reports in one click.

Customizable reporting. Use the Survey Wizard to customize the survey analysis process, including creating groups of like questions to compare means and measure against established benchmarks as well as weight importance of questions.

Data comparisons. Compare survey responses across subsets of data.

Filtering data. Automatically filter data on specific criteria and produce reports based on the filters (e.g., if evaluating a conference, breaking reports down by session).

Handwritten comments. A Response Report displays all of the handwritten comments on one easy to read report.

Statistics Calculated: For each item Remark Quick Stats calculates: Mean, Variance, Standard Deviation, Standard Error, Min, Max, Range, Median, Skewness, Kurtosis, T-Value, Percentiles, Confidence Intervals For each answer choice Remark Quick Stats calculates: Frequencies, Percentages, Valid Percent Crosstabs