Remark Ofis Optik Okuma Özellikler


Remark Ofis Optik Form Okuma Çok Pratik, Tasarla - Tara - Değerlendir

Form Oluşturmak

Use your own forms. Works with forms you design in any word processor or form designer. No need to purchase expensive preprinted forms.

Automatically recognizes machine printed text with Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Form duplication. Print or photocopy your forms in-house, saving you time and money.

Multipage form support. Processes multi-page and double-sided forms.

No special papers or writing instruments. No need for corner marks or any other special marks on forms. Respondents can use pen, pencil… even marker!

Mark, barcode and text support. Place optical marks (bubbles), barcodes or computer-generated text (OCR) on your forms to capture virtually any type of information (multiple choice questions, demographics, etc.).

Örnek Formlar

Ofis Optik Okuma Örnek Form     Ofis Optik Okuma Örnek Form     Ofis Optik Okuma Örnek Form