Remark Ofis Optik Okuma Özellikler


Remark Ofis Optik Form Okuma Çok Pratik, Tasarla - Tara - Değerlendir

Tarama ve Form Düzenleme

Scanners. Scan forms right into the Remark software with a TWAIN compliant scanner or multi-function device with scanning. Data is produced instantaneously.

Multi-function devices. Use a multi-function device (scanner, printer, copier, fax) on your network to produce images (TIFF, PCX, JPG, PDF) and process the images in Remark Office OMR. Makes image acquisition available from virtually any device.

Exceptional form recognition. Proven, patented OMR technology reads real world forms with erasures, crossed out marks, skewing, etc.

Automatic form identification. Eliminate pre-sorting of forms with automatic form, page and respondent identification features.

Capturing handwriting. Capture handwriting as image snapshots and review in a single report. Or code handwritten comments into themes.

Easy data clean up. Use the simple exception correction facility to view problems on-screen and make changes. No need to go back to the paper forms.

Change Logs. Tracks changes made to data files for the utmost in security.

Email. Email data directly to constituents as soon as it is collected.