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Test - Sınav Değerlendime

Quick and easy test grading. Using Easy Grade, simply scan the answer key with the test answer sheets, click a button and reports are produced.

Sophisticated test grading. For more advanced grading, a Grade Wizard steps you through the process of setting up an answer key (including allowing multiple correct answers), selecting a grade scale, entering question points, adding learning objectives to measure against mandated standards, setting benchmark scores for comparison against established benchmarks and other grading information for your test.

Multiple test versions. Grade multiple versions of a test with multiple answers keys.

Scaled scores. The Grade Wizard supports "scaling" a score, whereby you look up grades in an external table (based on total score, percent score or percentile) and then apply the scaled score from the external file. Provides for customizable grading.

Achievement by demographic. Reports are available to compare achievement across various demographic groups of students.

Statistics Calculated: For each item Remark Quick Stats calculates: Mean, Variance, Standard Deviation, Standard Error, Min, Max, Range, Median, Skewness, Kurtosis, T-Value, Percentiles, Confidence Intervals, P-values, Point Biserial Correlation. For each answer choice Remark Quick Stats calculates: Frequencies, Percentages, Point Biserial. For each student Remark Quick Stats calculates: Total score, Raw score, Grade, Dev. IQ, Number correct, incorrect, unanswered. For the test Remark Office OMR calculates: Number of graded tests and items, Max, Min, Median, Range, Percentile scores, Mean, Variance, Standard Deviation, Confidence Intervals (1,5,95,99%), KR 20, KR21, Coefficient (Cronbach) Alpha.